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6 creative and inspiring not-for-profit case studies

Not-for-profits have a tough time battling audience complacency. Doing nothing is the easy option. Especially when faced with a deluge of communications from a saturated charity market.

Finding a way to cut through the clutter and motivate action, when awareness and understanding of a cause may be low, is a big challenge that requires bold, inspirational marketing. Made even harder by an increasingly fragmented media environment where audiences float across channels and devices, dipping in and out at will.

We’ve picked out 6 case studies that have approached the task with creative flair and clear, simple ideas that transfer across all brand touch points.

Movember, Top Tache

A fantastic fun campaign, architected by Blue Stag, that combined social media and digital interactivity to raise awareness and funds for Movember.

Learn more on the Blue Stag website.

top tash mobile
top tash leaderboard
top tash illustration
top tash selection

Homeward Bound, Mother Nature Needs Her Daughters

Homeward Bound develops female leadership in the environmental sciences. Elmwood created an identity and brand strategy that perfectly captures the spirit and purpose of this global movement.

Learn more on the Elmwood website

Mother needs her daughters
Homeward Bound stationary
Homeward Bound

Teach First, Challenge the Impossible

IE Brand make a rousing appeal to fix the injustices of an education system that favours the better off. The approach fused feelings of outrage with a positive vision of change to deliver a striking, high impact campaign that took Teach First out of their comfort zone.

Learn more on the IE Brand website.

Teach First astronaut
Challenge the impossible
Teach First campaign

Motor Neurone Disease Association, My Eyes Say

The MNDA ‘My Eyes Say’ campaign connects with one shocking fact - in the advanced stages, many of those living with MND are only able to move their eyes. Big Dog built a nationwide multi-channel campaign around this key insight. A campaign that ultimately reached 12 million people across the UK.

Learn more on the Big Dog website.

My eyes say
Eddie Redmayne MNDA
Motor Neurone Awareness
My Eyes Say microsite

Living Streets, Let’s Create a Walking Nation

Our Design Agency reinvigorated a legacy charity with a new purpose, a new bright identity, and a compelling messaging hierarchy. It cleverly appeals to a collective, positive vision for society that we all want to be part of.

Learn more on the Our Design Agency website.

Living Streets stationary
Living Street devices
Living Streets tagline

Opera Sunderland, The Experience of a Lifetime

How do you make opera available, attractive and accessible to everyone? Jump shed the cliches and formalities and replaced them with something more fun, quirky and entertaining.

Learn more on the Jump website.

Opera Sunderland poster
Opera Sunderland brochure
Opera Sunderland website