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Born Ugly

The Leeds-based founding studio of Elmwood – the world’s most effective brand design agency – has today re-launched as ‘Born Ugly’ . The rebrand of the independent international brand design agency follows its demerger from the Elmwood Group announced last week. Born Ugly is a creative partnership of strategists, designers and digital experts with a strong track record that spans four decades and six continents, but now with a new direction. The Born Ugly brand positioning and identity was created in-house by its team of strategists and designers, and crafted by Grammy nominated and Cannes Lion winning artist Alex Trochut. The Born Ugly name is born from a fundamental truth that even the very best of ideas start ‘ugly’. Whether they help start a fledgling business or help a brand leader stretch their advantage. They all start raw, uncrafted and lacking validation. More than this, the creative process itself is ugly. It is not a sausage machine. It is a process driven by the tension that pushes boundaries and delivers extraordinary impact

The brand icon is Born Ugly’s ‘mark of potential’ and represents a squiggle used to highlight ideas and insights with the greatest potential. The purpose drawn brand mark is crafted to be ugly and raw, as well as beautiful and balanced with a mix of lower case and caps.

Born Ugly is led by Jonathan Sands OBE (Chairman), Sarah Dear (Managing Partner), Sabrina Ahmed (Senior Partner, Client Services), Wander Bruijel (Senior Partner, Strategy & Provocation) and Rob Skelly (Associate Creative Director). Its clients include Tesco, Carlsberg, Givaudan, Sainsbury’s, Covea, P&G, Kopparberg, Astonish, Challs International, Vet-AI, Heck, and VFC amongst others.