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Alexandra Palace

By Lovers
Ally Pally (as it’s fondly known to Londoners) has been a multi-recreational Mecca since 1875. But without a coherent brand identity to champion its historic and contemporary significance, the palace’s efforts were feeling fragmented.

Lovers stepped in to help the brand reclaim its cherished place in the hearts of audiences.
Visual Arts

No London cultural centre contains as much eclecticism as Ally Pally; music stages, sporting arenas, skate park, theatre, boating lake and 196 acres of parkland. Our 'pleasure dome simplicity' logo seeks to put a lid on it all, along with a colour palette that celebrates breadth.

Ally Pally’s new brand voice channels a colourful cast of characters from its past and present, borrowing vocal techniques from BBC pioneers, Victorian daredevils and other dreamers. We jotted the recipes in a pocket book for easy reference by the palace’s brand team.

Brand identities live of die in their application. We helped the palace roll out a raft of new touch points from merchandise to signage, digital communications and event campaigns. Thorough guidelines and an in-person handover process were key to securing longterm success.

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