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BHP is one of the largest independent firms of Chartered Accountants in the UK and their unique approach to all things financial sets them apart from their competitors. They challenged us to reinvent their online identity and digital effectiveness to enable future business growth.

BHP required a range of digital platforms to showcase their differing business services, their personality and unique approach to accounting. We were tasked with reinventing their BHP Prosper and BHP Corporate Finance websites along with their main company website, creating a unique range of digital platforms with consistent BHP overarching identity.

Financial services

The use of animated emblems enhances the users' understanding of BHP’s service offering, sparking their interest and subsequently ensuring BHP keep their website visitors engaged. These detailed graphics enhance the platform aesthetics and are in keeping with the brand, maintaining essential brand recognition.

The outline of BHP’s logo in the background uses a parallax effect has had a great response. It helps the site move from a 2D to 3D effect, allowing the web pages to appear more dynamic and interactive with the user.

Using a minimal design look, a simple layout and a split-screen on the navigation, we relieved users of continuous scrolling, bringing forth an easily digestible layout. The burger menu design allows the site to remain clean and simple, ensuring all content is easily digestible.