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By Better
With ambitious goals to double production and increase revenue 500% by 2020, Equinox needs to step out of a limiting ‘health drink’ silo. The challenge here is to create a credible, relevant soft drink brand capable of not only championing an emerging category but growing far beyond it.

The existing brand was viewed as “a bit GCSE” during consumer research but more importantly, it was becoming an unnecessary barrier to listings. Alongside this, the generic alcopop bottle shape was sending the wrong signal to consumers unfamiliar with kombucha. We deconstructed existing iconography, retaining only what was useful, then rebuilt a mature, sophisticated, calm and, most importantly, balanced brand … complete with its own iconic bottle shape.
Food & Drink

Simplifying the existing iconography allowed us to quickly communicate a sense of balance, alignment and light positive energy on the cans. But the bottle gave us the opportunity to take this focal point one step further. Between sugars and sweeteners, there are tons of hidden nasties in so called ‘healthy’ drinks. So, when one comes along that genuinely has nothing to hide, we thought it would be fitting to have a label that is equally transparent.