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By Lantern
The time-saving, ease of use benefits of Futr’s chatbot platform are huge, however they were struggling to tell their story with clarity and conviction. What we needed to do was simplify their story to focus on the benefits and reasons to believe. We applied this thinking to each stage of the process, from brand manifesto and messaging to artwork and guidelines, and created an identity with visual impact and verbal clarity; delivered with the credibility and authority required for a brand that promises to transform business.
Information technology

Futr enables organisations from the police force and local council, through to big business, to transform how they work. The platform enables AI-powered conversations across all existing messaging channels from Facebook to Alexa, and Skype to Slack, and translates dialogue into 120 languages in real-time.

After gaining VC investment in 2019, the founders asked Lantern to help transition Futr from a consultancy to a SAAS product in order to enable them to achieve their fast growth objectives. They needed to reassure people about AI, to give it a more human face, and show people how it can make their lives better, all this required investment in their brand identity.

From the insight gained through our stakeholder workshops we developed a new strategy for Futr to clearly articulate the benefits of their chatbot systems.  Our market research revealed a lack of awareness of chatbot platforms, concerns over data security risks and AI replacing staff.  This helped shape our brand story and messaging.

A new strapline ‘Liberation through conversation’ now ensures Futr’s core purpose is quickly and simply communicated and reflects its intention to make life easier for everyone through simple and meaningful chat.

The human qualities of Futr are now reflected in the new logo design. The icon is both an “F” and a human face that could be winking at you. It’s an avatar that people will interact with, and a radical departure from the abstract shapes and chat bubbles that dominate this sector.

In the same way, the colour palette is bright, optimistic, and liberated for the future – a world away from the corporate teal of Futr’s competitors. The Telegraf font brings further personality and life to the brand, connecting people to this communication revolution just as nearly two centuries ago the telegraph showed people a new way to connect with each other.

We rolled out the new brand identity across various marketing communication materials including website, investor decks and explainer videos.

Futr is a technology that will change people’s lives for the better and we’re proud to see it doing that already. Looking to the future we believe this new identity will help it scale at the rate of many other fast-growth SaaS brands, changing people’s perceptions of AI and enabling millions of conversations along the way.