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By Baked
The L.I.M series is the flagship of Haglöfs. Baked created a call to action for all "The Outsiders by Nature" who want to explore further than before. This is their cry for Less. For the past 20 years, Haglöfs’ L.I.M Series has been the vanguard of innovative lightweight trekking gear. As low weight as possible, without ever compromising with performance or durability. Even though the basic concept seems simple enough, the journey is endless. There is always a smarter design, a better fabric or an improved function to be tried out. Baked used a mixed media approach to show the evolution of L.I.M and the Outsiders who made it possible. Using found footage, handmade materials and user-generated content, the agency created a textured narrative to inspire people to join the community. L.I.M goes beyond a product. It is a state of mind. L.I.M is about a community. A community that keeps innovating to reach new heights.

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