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By Elmwood
Adaptive intelligence for the world’s workspaces

Flexibility. Adaptability. Agility. Global workspace provider and billion-dollar unicorn Knotel embodies these values for its customers but needed a consistent and inspiring brand ecosystem to reflect its perspective.

The new brand identity needed to capture how Knotel’s platform empowers enterprise companies with the freedom to flex and attract talent with tailored, on-brand workspaces—without the hassles of real estate searching and management.

Our solution visualizes the workplace strategy and adaptive intelligence that fuels Knotel’s platform. The design language is alive, constantly evolving and modulating for different audiences and environments. The colour palette vibrates with energy and movement, and custom typography shape-shifts to accommodate spaces and imagery. While the design system is highly flexible, the geometric shapes and letterforms move and scale on a grid with discipline and intention.

“Elmwood helped us to establish a visual system that was simultaneously brand new and completely familiar. We adapt and tailor our services to fit the needs of our customers. Now we have a design ecosystem that adapts and tailors to our needs, telling a seamless brand story along the way.”

Edward Shenderovich
Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Knotel