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Design Activity has redesigned half-carb bread brand LivLife to reflect their ethos of bread that make you feel good mentally and physically. Originally released in 2013, LivLife ‘half the carbs’ bread was created on insight that 40% of UK adults wanted to reduce carbs but didn’t want to give up bread. 6yrs later and this insight has become even more relevant, but the consumer and the category has evolved. So the brand needed a redesign to better suit the expectations of today’s aspirational, health conscious consumer and convey their brand positioning of ‘bread that make you feel good mentally and physically’ - moving the brand from functional to exceptional.
Food & Drink

The bold patterns and colours overlaying the hand drawn script of the new brand identity combine to make you feel happy. It shouts vitality and optimism. The bright colours contrasted against a clean white background enable the vibrancy of the brand identity to jump out at consumers. Delivering a striking impact compared to other brands on the bread fixture. Enticing consumers to pick it up and take it home!