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MCC & Lord's

There are few clubs in the world that have made as big an impact on any sport as MCC has made on cricket. From its iconic ground Lord’s – The Home of Cricket – Marylebone Cricket Club has led the game for over 200 years and helped take it from a national pastime to a global obsession.

Lord’s and MCC are two brands with a unique position in the game, but their close relationship is often overlooked – causing confusion and limiting their impact. And as new formats of the game like the IPL and The Hundred emerge and cricket’s audience becomes increasingly global, it’s important for MCC to maintain its influence and relevance and start to connect better with fans across the world through digital channels.
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The logos are an integral part of the Club’s heritage, but a dig through its extensive museum and archives revealed that both MCC and Lord’s have undergone a number of developments since 1787. Our latest evolution strengthens the ties between the ground and Club, helping to make them more digitally engaging and commercially appealing while paying due respect to the Club’s rich history.

We’ve retained the Club’s iconic ‘egg and bacon’ colours but given them a greater purpose so that they create a consistent experience from physical to the digital. And by using them as a thread throughout both brands we’ve reinforced their relationship and helped Lord’s build recognition of MCC and vice versa.

We’ve restructured the brand’s architecture so it’s more focused, which will help them form new commercial partnerships and connect with new audiences at every level across the sport.

Ultimately our work is designed to help MCC continue to push boundaries in cricket in the digital age and create a seamless fan experience – whether they’re at Lord’s or engaged with the brand anywhere across the world. It’s about making the game more exciting and appealing than ever – opening cricket to new people and ensuring that MCC and Lord’s have a future as illustrious as their past.