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Mee Organic CBD

The Space Creative were appointed by Master Plant to help re-launch their Mee CBD powders and water-soluble liquids, aiming to make CBD a more accessible lifestyle choice for mainstream health-conscious consumers. With a more palatable price point and delivery system, Mee is on a mission to bring the healing power of plant-science into mainstream society, for the benefit of people and planet.
Food & Drink
Hair & Beauty
Health & Fitness

The Space Creative’s strategic approach and distinctive design creates a sense of calm and instant feel-good – empowering everyone to discover a more balanced and fulfilling life. Inspired by environmentalist and artist Margaret Mee, the design features a dreamlike motif that tells of mankind’s connection with nature through an abstract series of illustrations and iconography.

“We wanted to create something that looked completely different to the other CBD brands out there. Competitor products lean either towards a pharmaceutical look or style themselves as a premium beauty product, neither of which felt right for a brand who are trying democratise and demystify CBD. The design we created for Mee takes you somewhere else. Somewhere good.” says David Thomson, Creative Director at The Space Creative


Master Plant’s Eleanor Coates says The Space Creative have really brought Mee’s vision to life.

The Space Creative has been an absolutely fundamental partner to launching Mee CBD – we literally could not have done it without them. When we saw their first creative work one of our founders even cried, it was so powerful! The team are truly inspiring creatives who instilled great confidence in us as a nascent venture; intuitive, modern, deeply knowledgeable and pragmatic, they are the best we have come across (who also happen to be the nicest). 

Mee CBD will be available in powder and liquid formats in convenient sizes for daily use, and because of it’s easy to use format and very mild taste, Mee can be dropped into drinks, food or taken on its own.