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Octagon Theatre Bolton

It’s over 50 years since Octagon Theatre first opened its doors. In that time they have remained a proud home for the people of Bolton and a symbol of the culture and ambition of the town. Following a successful pitch, we were tasked to work on their branding and become a part of their journey into the next 50 years, as they geared up to reopen a reimagined theatre in the heart of Bolton.
Visual Arts

The existing brand didn’t feel like a true reflection of the audience or the ambition of the refurbished theatre. A new identity was needed that was just as engaging, entertaining and as down to earth as the Octagon itself. The logo itself is derived from the shape of a theatre ticket, using a simplified shape, tilted at exactly 8 degrees. The messaging is bold, simple, straight to the point. It is used in our communication materials to reinforce who and what Octagon is, express what they stand for and communicate with audiences

To extend the brand language we implemented a series of shapes that evoke a sense of movement and represent the diversity of the shows and audiences – as well as the flexibility of the Octagon Theatre configurations.

The flexibility of the brand is demonstrated when applied to marketing materials & channels. A brand toolkit has been created to ensure consistency and to retain brand integrity & recognisability in the future.

The show poster framework was designed to allow for flexibility and creativity when married with the artwork whilst remaining on-brand and recognisable as an Octagon production. One of the key features of the framework is the focus on show-specific creative typography.

A single brand colour is used for either the background or the info block. Each poster is finished off with a proud stamp of quality, ‘Made in Bolton’ to connect with audiences and the roots of the Octagon Theatre.