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Riva Homes

Riva Homes has been a wonderful long-standing client. As an award-winning property development company with over 30 years' experience in construction and residential developments, Riva has a stellar reputation for building high-quality, sought after homes.

Fishtank's key motivation was for the old logo to take a back seat, whilst the original colour palette inspired the refreshed brand and new design aesthetic.
Home & Interiors

Using powerful statements and call outs gave the new digital platform, a bright, more refined look and feel. Riva’s approach to property development, their stunning homes, mixed with unrivalled interior design and their attention to details lends weight to the philosophy of ‘redefining living’ that inspired this project.

Engagement and brand trust was the key to ensure user engage with the brand and platform. The unique 3D visualisations of the properties and the dedicated landed page to each one, served to reinforce Riva's core values.