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We supported pharmaceutical giant Roche to raise the bar of their Learning + Development content and to communicate effective persuasion and behaviour change strategies with their sales teams. We did this by creating this abstract Learning and Development Animation which was done in 2D with 3D elements. We were thrilled to win the work from Roche and was fully aware that they had engaged other animation studios in the pitch process. Our success was influenced by our vast experience of creating L&D content for multiple big brand companies and this experience proved hugely valuable to the consultation and animation process. It was vital that we were able to communicate how people learn and engage with the development material. A key component was understanding and embedding the ethos that no one person is the same and communicating this understanding. We were thrilled that ‘Building a Case for Change’ was nominated for The Creative Pool Awards. but it is our consultation process and the relationship we developed with our client that we are most proud of. We fully commend Roche for not playing it safe and for their bravery and willingness to create something abstract and novel for the sector. We all love this geometric, abstract animation!