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Saucony is a global running brand, specialising in high-performance footwear and apparel, loved by the running community. Last year, they launched their new brand platform ‘Run Your World’ which aimed to energise and inspire people to take charge of their own journeys and engage with all types of lifestyle consumers.

Our brief was to create a digital platform that would showcase this new brand story to existing and new audiences. It needed to work across their range of products, inspire content-sharing across the digital community and be scalable to allow for multiple locations across the globe to get involved and create unique stories within their own communities.

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We created ‘Run Your World Cities’, a dynamic content based website showcasing real people’s stories and how they RUN THEIR WORLD, the Saucony way. Through the use of influencers, striking imagery and powerful video content, we developed an immersive website with highly shareable content. 

After just four months of the site being live, it had achieved over 33,000 users and achieved world-wide reach, from Germany and Sweden to the United States and Canada.