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Scotland is now - Tackling period inequality

Empower people. Period.

The topic is current and exciting, but also sensitive. Not because we felt awkward talking about periods, exactly the opposite, we were shouting about them loudly and proudly. But the fact that so many women, girls and transgender people both in Scotland and around the world suffer the indignity of having periods without the necessary products. It is horrible for them, and we wanted to make a film that empowered them, rather than merely highlighting their situation.

We told the story of one of the many amazing initiatives in place in Scotland, started by the people of Scotland, already making strides against period poverty. That initiative was On The Ball. Three Celtic fans who, together, convinced 80 football clubs around the UK to stock period products in bathrooms for fans. With the Women’s World Cup on the horizon, it felt like a natural fit to join the conversations of both women’s football and female empowerment.

So, the film follows a young football fan as she enthusiastically tells us about On The Ball, before excitedly announcing the Government’s plans to make period products freely accessible to all.