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Founded in 2012 by Sam Jameson, Soapsmith had created a cult following for its uniquely scented handmade soaps and body care products. However, while the products were made from high quality, natural ingredients and distinctively formulated scents, Soapsmith was struggling to step up from its humble, independent beginnings to rival the big names in the market place.

We saw an opportunity to inject colour and personality back into a category filled with bland, overly stripped back visual identities that lacked depth, and tell Soapsmith’s brand story through a disruptive and bold redesign.
Hair & Beauty

Centred around the Soul Power of ‘Urban Artistry’ we brought forward the unique, real backdrop of London that inspired the scents of Soapsmith’s products together with the craft and creativity that Sam herself pours into all of her products.

Soapsmith. A tapestry of London’s urban beauty.

Each bespoke scent has been hand blended to capture the unique moments from around the city. To accompany each bespoke scent, we created and crafted unique illustrations to reflect the real spirit of London.

At the heart of Soapsmith is our brand idea of artistry, which reflects our raw backdrop of London with the craft and care that goes into our products.