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We were challenged by Uber to build brand trust and humanise the brand. Quite a challenge when the brand had been in the news a lot recently – and not much of that had been good.

While the reality was that hundreds of wonderful everyday social interactions were being played out within Ubers between the people of Britain and their Uber Partner-Drivers, the perception was of a faceless, tech-taxi firm and faceless, alien Drivers.

We needed to bust that myth, and show that Uber Partner-Drivers are ordinary people like the rest of us; warm, likeable, and trustworthy. To add extra spice to the challenge, Uber had their license suspended in London in November 2015 – just as we were kicking off the campaign!

Travel & Tourism

The ambition of 'Where to, Britain?' was to lift the veil of mystery and bring to life the Uber experience in a familiar entertainment format that would humanise drivers.