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Under Armour

By Baked
Capitalising on Trent Alexander-Arnold becoming a Premier League winner for the first time, this campaign, activated for Under Armour in JD Sports, defines him as an icon by focusing on the attributes which have led to him become a champion of England and Europe. Keeping it simple. Losing the fluff. Keeping the product front and centre.

The campaign aimed to make Trent look statuesque to showcase Under Armour in a way that makes JD consumers believe in the brand. We defined an iconic silhouette for Trent Alexander-Arnold and combined this with a powerful campaign message, 'Homegrown Champion'. Capturing content with Trent in various environments, we highlighted his character traits through single images.

In-store, we used a variety of different pieces of powerful imagery in point of sale. This concept is simple and clean yet extremely impactful across all consumer touchpoints. A campaign extension for social media, featuring 'The Kid', focuses on Trent’s journey as a homegrown talent - from growing up playing football on the streets to where he is now. 

This creative also highlights the attributes required to become a Champion and links these to the core Under Armour brand elements. With the help of their hero, a young Liverpool fan tells us what they think makes a champion - the four key attributes of focus, humility, determination & defiance. Each scene is used to show the viewer a different attribute which the fan believes is crucial to the makeup of a Champion.