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Whitetail Gin

We partnered with Whitetail Gin to create an elevated eCommerce experience, one that mirrors the elegance and power of their product, reflects the values of their brand, and elegantly blends content and products within an experience focused transactional funnel.

The main objective from the client brief was to tell the story behind the product and its origins from the Isle of Mull. The majestic White-tailed sea eagle, which is Europe’s largest bird of prey and synonymous with the Isle of Mull, is central to the brand name and logo.
Food & Drink

When we developed the Whitetail Gin site we strived to ensure the best possible code and subjected it to a code audit by Google Lighthouse, which resulted in top scores of 100/100 in three categories, Performance, Accessibility and Best Practises. Note scores may have changed due to Google's evolving scoring system. Since the project planning phase, we registered our restless intention to design and develop something truly exciting for Whitetail Gin. One of our ideas was to compliment the nature of the brand by creating a liquid effect that acquires the centre-stage when you first enter the site.

To enhance the brand identity further, we incorporated feather elements from the packaging, which are used throughout the design intensify the sense of depth and movement to the site.

Typography contributes so much to the overall look and feel of any website. With this in mind, we married two beautiful typefaces together to compliment the brand.