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Worldpay is a leading global Payment Services Provider (PSP). And now, thanks to a merger, they have more data at their fingertips than any other PSP and some potentially market-leading AI capabilities. But without a platform to communicate this, bbp had a job to do. We needed to establish Worldpay as a thought leader in the AI space to prepare for the launch of their Intelligent Payments suite. We created an aspirational video to hero the AI content platform. The fast-paced, lively video uses a voiceover to tell a story about data, taking the viewer on a journey through the potential of AI-enabled payments. To support the narrative, a collage of footage clips visually expressed themes of energy and momentum, as well as showed individuals experiencing seamless payments. We produced a white paper, exploring the themes raised in the video in detail and presenting the tangible benefits of AI-powered payments. To engage the reader, we used richly coloured photography, icons and dynamic snappy headings. With the technical terms defined and the opportunities explored, the reader can feel informed and empowered to take the next step with Worldpay.
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