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Pentagram has worked with Yahoo on a refresh of its visual identity that captures the exuberant personality of the brand and reimagines it for the future.

Pentagram collaborated closely with Yahoo leadership on the project, the first significant change to the brand since the previous logo was introduced in 2013. The refreshed brand identity is simpler and more flexible, and looks back to the original, quirky 1996 logo.


The update coincides with the launch of new products and enhancements, including a reimagined Yahoo Mail app, and signals a strategic change for the company as it prepares to introduce other products and services over the coming year.


As with the original logo, the new identity captures the voice of a brand named after an exclamation of joy and discovery, and still looks like it should be shouted or yodeled (”yahoOOOOoooo!”). The repeating circles of the “a,” “o”s and the dot on the exclamation point echo of the audio mnemonic of the yodel.

The logo has been optimized to work across various platforms and scales, from the small canvas of a mobile app to the side of a building.